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Oklahoma Title Loans

Get the cash you need by applying for a car title loan in Oklahoma. Put up your car's title as collateral and receive cash without a credit check. Apply for an online title loan and get the most for your vehicle at a low interest rate. Our quick application process makes getting the cash you need so simple.

What do you do when your money situation is rocky, and you do not have good credit to stand on? Oklahoma title loans can offer you a quick short-term loan that can help you on your way towards your long-term happiness!

There are simply some instances in life that need to be addressed immediately -- whether it to fly out to witness your grandchild's birth, pay for emergency medical bills, or simply afford this months utility bills after a pay cut at work. Bad credit can slam the doors to many lending institutions such as banks, but it does not close the door to title lenders!

Oklahoma Bad Credit Loans

When you are looking for fast cash in Oklahoma, the easiest, quickest way to get it is with an OK bad credit loan. These loans are designed to bypass your bad credit score allowing you to get approved for a lot of cash instantly.

If bad credit has been holding you back, it can be hard to imagine that you are even able to get approved for a loan from anybody. Typically, traditional lenders like banks and credit unions, won't look twice at you if you don't have an excellent credit score. Luckily, 1800 Loan Store specializes in approving bad credit personal loans. These loans can be used for just about anything and will get you a lot of cash at a fair rate.

Give us a call today to find out just how much cash you qualify for!

Car Title Loan Basics

When you get a title loan, you use your vehicle as collateral for a loan. Lenders cannot simply hand out money to just anyone with only their word as security it will be paid back. Therefore, title lenders use your car or motorcycle as an asset to fall back on, should you go back out on your agreement.

Now, this should not scare you. In fact, having something to secure your loan with ends up helping YOU. Title lenders are more likely to lend you a heftier sum of money with an asset to use as security. They will also set much lower interest rates, as well.

Title lenders do not factor in your credit score when determining how much to give you; instead, they base the entire amount on the value of your vehicle. This allows you to get your money regardless of how weak your score is, and you even get to collect your cash more quickly. No credit check means faster approval - you can have money in your pocket in just a day or less!

Advantages to Auto Title Loans in OK

Using your car or motorcycle title to secure a loan does not mean you have to give up possession of the machine. You hand over the title paper and get to continue driving your vehicle while making repayments!

There are other bonuses, as well:

  • You can get as much as $50,000 just a day after applying
  • Customer service team who cares about your situation
  • Repayment plans that can be tailored to your needs
  • Get as many as 42 months to pay back your loan
  • No penalty fees if you opt to pay off your loan early
  • Apply online at your convenience and get a free quote

Apply Now!

If you need the cash, you should not wait another second to apply! Fill out the form on the side to get a free quote for the best title loan and have a customer service member call you up to better explain the process. Getting a title loan in Oklahoma might be the perfect solution you seek for your financial strife!

Unable to Qualify For a Car Title Loan?

Check out a personal loan if your car or truck doesn't qualify for a car title loan. A personal or signature loan, is another easy way to borrow money. You may still be able to borrow money using a signature loan even if you have bad credit, though a co-signer may be required.

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