Car Title Loans on Famous Fictional Vehicles

It’s fun to think about how much our favorite fictional cars would be worth if the characters used them to get car title loans. Okay, maybe that isn’t what everyone daydreams about – but, we at 1800 Loan Store are a bit overly-enthusiastic about our work!

 We compiled a list of some of our top 10 favorite fictional vehicles from movies and TV shows and calculated the car title loan amounts for each one. Check it out!

The Flintstones Car- $0

It’s not that the car is bad quality or Fred’s income isn’t up to par. In fact, the car’s hand-chiseled stone wheels and leather canopy fulfill every collector’s dream, and Fred seems to have a steady income from his job at Bedrock’s quarry. Sure, Mr. Slate fires him every other episode, but Fred’s charm and strange luck prompt his short-tempered boss to hire him back again every single time.

The reason Fred and Wilma couldn’t get a title loan on their car is simply because there is no engine. This glorified scooter simply does not fit the modern definition of a car. A car powered by one’s one legs? Even paddle boats are more sophisticated!

Herbie- $782

It is difficult to put a price on an award-winning race car with the personality of a man, but at the start of The Love Bug, Herbie is a pretty unwanted car. In fact, Jim is conned into buying him in the first place. It is only after he gets to know the vehicle that he realizes that little bug has a heart of gold and a need for speed.

We determined that if Jim were to take out a car title loan at the start of the movie before the car got famous, Jim would get $782.50. If he took out a loan on Herbie after he got famous, who knows how much he’d be worth!

Breaking Bad RV- $3,500

Walter White buys a rundown RV, so he and Jesse can cook their first batch in the desert. There’s not much to the ancient vehicle: it’s old, needs a new battery amongst other things, and it breaks down all the time. However, it was a small investment that launched their multi-million dollar “careers”.

But, things were rough in the beginning; if Walt had taken out a car title loan on the RV, he could have gotten $3,500 to buy more supplies to start them out with, or maybe even been able to afford some of those cancer treatments that launched his ambitious addiction in the first place!

Ecto-1- $3,840

The Ghostbusters wouldn’t be able to do their jobs without Ecto-1! In the movie, Stantz pays $4800 for the vehicle, acknowledging that it was in poor condition and needed work on everything from the suspension to the brakes. Not only do the Ghostbusters fix up the car, they equip it with a bunch of obnoxious lights, sirens, and signs… you know, to make them look more professional.

At the start of the movie, the Ghostbusters had a rough time starting out financially, although they managed to scrape by, they could have taken out a car title loan on the Ecto-1 and gotten $2,400 to help them out – $3,840 if they took out the loan when the car was in its peak condition with all the bells and whistles! That cash could definitely have helped them buy better equipment to fight Gozer without turning the city into marshmellow fluff.

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang- $654,180

Caractacus Potts was an ex-racecar driver and an impoverished inventor who hardly has enough money to take care of his two children, even after several attempts to sell his toot sweet candy to Lord Scumptious and his automatic hair cutting device at a carnival. In fact, because Potts is played by the talented Dick Van Dyke, he earns more money through tips while singing and dancing rather than his inventions. Sad.

If he had taken out a car title loan on Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, he would have gotten $654,180! That would be enough to take care of his family, move out of their little windmill home, and start his own company. He wouldn’t have to rely on Lord Scrumptious to buy his patent and support him, and he could have started his very own business instead.

Batmobile- $1,440,000

It is highly doubtful that Bruce Wayne would ever run out of money. But who knows, perhaps some evil villain manages to take hold of his millions, mansion, and bat cave with all his crime-fighting toys. He could technically take out a car title loan on his Batmobile to afford a new suit and supplies and still keep his fancy car to fight the bad guys!

He certainly could get a hefty sum. We calculated that he would get about $1,440,000 for a car title loan on the Batmobile! Batman has expensive taste, but that is certainly enough to work with in a pinch.

 James Bond’s Aston Martin DB5- $3,680,000

007’s Aston Martin DB5 is one of the franchise’s most recognizable icons from Goldfinger. Not only was it a sophisticated car, it also had an ejector’s seat and other gadgets to help Bond beat the villains.

Although Bond usually has a seemingly endless supply of money to burn, he could get a hefty car title loan should he ever be cut off from M or his own millions. Hypothetically, Bond could take out as much as $3,680,000 with his supped up Aston Martin and still drive the car to impress the lovely ladies.

Doc Brown’s DeLorean- $720,368,633

After much debate, we determined that Doc Brown could take out as much as $720,368,633 should he ever want to take out a car title on his DeLorean time machine. The DeLorean must be insured with the proper title and all that, naturally. That’s a lot of money that he could use to buy plutonium with rather than relying on stealing from Libyan terrorists and risk getting shot again!

There are a hundred other ways Doc Brown could acquire that money and the plutonium he needs quickly, especially since time is never an issue for him – but who knows why Doc does the things he does?

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