Christina’s Title Loan Got Her Into Hot Water

Christina took out a title loan in Akron and she shared her loan story with us.

There is nothing like staying at home

When Christina’s water heater decided to fill her life with cold baths and showers, Christina had no choice but to thwart it’s icy plan by replacing it with a working water heater. The wiley broken water heater wouldn’t let her get off that easy. Christina didn’t exactly have the money available to replace the bad appliance. She also didn’t have the fortitude to withstand several weeks of only cold water. Something had to be done.

After getting the plumber’s estimate, Christina took to Google and started looking for ways to get the money she needed. She actually was looking for what she could sell to get the money she admittedly was desperate to get. After going round and round, looking into all sorts of financing options, Christian stumbled upon our website and explored the idea of a car title loan.

She had seen car title loan places in Akron but they were always with payday loan places and she had dismissed them as something for other people. “I have a bank account. I don’t use check cashing places,” Christina said as why she never considered alternative lending before.

Short Term Loans For Quick Home Repairs

A title loan is a short term loan which anyone with a vehicle with a lien-free title can get. Normally there aren’t any credit checks down to determine if the person is able to get a loan and for that reason, title loans are most often used by people who have bad credit. It is a well-known fact that is often dismissed that people with bad credit still need to borrow money.

Christina said her credit was fine, but she needed the cash fast. Each day she went with hot water was a day of pure misery. “I know it is an exaggeration but not having hot water felt apocalypic. I quickly realized I’d never survive if civiliation collapsed. I rely on modern conveniences for my comfort!”

A title loan is one of the fastest ways of borrowing a significant amount of cash. The actual amount of the loan is based on the value of the vehicle being used, so there is a range which a loan will fall. Finding out how much you can borrow is relatively simple.

How Much Can I Borrow?

By completing the title loan application form on the website, you can get a free quote with no obligation. It is where Christina started. “I was curious. I wanted to know if I could even get enough money to pay for the water heater. Donig it online meant I didn’t have to talk to anyone and could get the quote. I could then decide whether it was worth the effort to actually get the loan.”

Christiana did end up taking out the loan, becoming one of the thousands of borrowers we help locate the best deals on title loans each month.

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