How to Apply for a Title Loan

1800LOANSTORE.COM’s  application process is simple as this video demonstrates.

In this video, Blue, our little logo, needs a car title loan. By searching online for the necessary money, Blue discovers 1800LOANSTORE.COM.  Luckily, you’ve already found us and are one step ahead of Blue.

Blue takes a few minutes and completes the online application form. By submitting this form Blue will get a free appraisal on the car or truck used in the application. This free appraisal takes the make model and mileage of the vehicle and compares it to a nationally recognized listing which gives the value of the vehicle. This gives you a general idea of how much can be borrowed using your car.

Additionally, once the form is submitted, Blue will get a reference number. This is the number in 1800LOANSTORE.COM’s queue and will let Blue save time when speaking to the Loan Service Representative.

The next step in the process is to speak to our Loan Service Representative. The process can be sped up by calling 1-866-854-7524. Demand is high so there may be a slight wait, but we are committed to ensuring each application is processed as quickly and efficiently as possible.

When speaking to the representative on the phone, Blue will set exactly how much the loan will be for, what the interest rate on the loan will be set at, and how long it will take to pay off the loan.

If the monthly payment is too much for Blue, the Loan Service Representative will adjust the number of months needed to pay back the loan so the amount needed to be paid each month fits Blue’s budget needs.

What’s next?

This is the fun part, getting the cash. 1800LOANSTORE.COM works with lenders across the country which means in almost every community, we have a store where Blue can pick up the cash either close to home, close to work, or somewhere in-between.

1800LOANSTORE.COM has been providing financial services to customers for over 10 years.  In that time, we’ve learned the number one thing customers want from the title loan process aside from the money, is speed. Getting the money quickly is vital. We focus on this part of the loan and know part of getting the borrower fast money is not putting unnecessary obstacles in front of the borrower.  This usually means not going through the hassle of a credit check. In some states, like Ohio,  it is the law to do a credit check, but really a credit check is unnecessary. The borrower is securing the loan with the title to the car.

Most of the transaction can be handled over the phone, while the final step will be handed at the store where Blue will pick up the money for the loan.




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