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How to Pawn a Car Title

You can pawn your guitar, jewelry, and cameras, so why not pawn a car title? When you want to pawn your title, you need to get what is called a “car title loan”. It works exactly like normal pawning in that you exchange an asset for immediate cash and that credit checks are not part of the process. However, you do not need to turn over the actual car in order to secure the loan. The title lender just needs the title of the vehicle to seal the deal, and you can get your cash and keep driving like normal.

This way, you can get up to $50,000 just a day after you apply online. You also can design your own repayment plan that you can handle easily. Fast, easy, and efficient - it is no wonder why this type of lending is more popular than payday and bank loans.

Steps to Pawning a Car Title

Rather than walking into a pawn shop, you can pawn a car title by applying online and making arrangements over the phone. In this way, you can get your money more quickly and with less hassle. It only takes three simple steps to pawn a car title:

  1. Apply online and speak with a specialist at 1800LoanStore
  2. Give your title and basic information to the specialist
  3. After a brief car inspection, collect cash the very next day

Requirements to Pawn a Title

Title lenders hardly ever turn down applicants, but there are a few requirements borrowers must meet. All these requirements are reasonable and are only needed to ensure that the lender and the borrower enter the agreement safely and fairly. To pawn a title, you must:

  • Be at least 18 or older
  • Have a valid state-issued ID card
  • Have a free and clear title in your name
  • Be able to hand over a spare set of keys
  • Have insurance on the vehicle
  • Prove a source of an income
  • Prove the place of residency
  • Provide 2-6 references and numbers

How to collect your Loan

Each lender is a bit different with their deals, but almost all lenders offer a lot of flexibility when it is time to get your money. They understand that all situations call for different arrangements. Most lenders will let you choose to pick it up from a location in person, have it mailed to your address, or have the money wired into your bank account.

So, when you want to pawn your title, do not think of a “pawn shop”. Think of “car title loan” instead.

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